Cassandra's Healing Hands - Providing therapeutic healing since 2004

Massage Services
*Regular client = scheduling appointments every 1-6 weeks

A combination of long, flowing, and relaxing strokes using light to firm pressure.
30min: $50  60min: $75  
90min: $95
Regular Client pricing:
30min: $45  60min: $65  
90min: $85 
Hot Stone
Have your tension melted away while Cassandra uses hot stones and swedish strokes to release any tension. The heat from the stones is a relaxing way to warm up all tense muscles as well as allowing the therapist to penetrate deeper into the muscle.
90min: $110
Regular Client pricing:
90min: $90 
*deep tissue is $10 more
Deep Tissue
Need deeper relief of your tense muscles?  Cassandra uses slow, deep, therapeautic strokes to release the deepest tension. 
30min: $60  60min: $85  
90min: $110
Regular Client pricing:
30min: $55  60min: $75  
90min: $95

*Gift Certificates now available*

Enjoy a relaxing, therapeautic, side-lying prenatal massage.  Light to medium pressure used. *Must be past your 1st trimester*. 
60min: $85
Regular Client pricing:
60min: $70

Foot Polish - $10
Add this on to any service for extra relaxation for your tired feet! Includes soft foot scrub followed by the enveloping of warm towels around your feet.  Once scrub is removed, Cassandra will follow it up with a very relaxing foot massage.

Hand or Foot Paraffin Dip - $10
A *paraffin wax "dip" is a soothing, nourishing, and warming treatment in which the feet or hands are submerged in a warm mixture of paraffin, a petroleum-based wax, and mineral oil. This paraffin treatment soothes aching joints (great for arthritis), improves circulation, and the combination of oil and wax softens dry, rough skin, by trapping the heat near the skin.

*Paraffin treatments aren't recommended for children or those sensitive to heat or limited sensation in their feet.
*Anti-bacterial Paraffin is used.
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